Payne Storage Trailers - Payne Storage - Fredericksburg, Virginia

Payne Storage Trailers - Payne Storage - Fredericksburg, Virginia


We rent and deliver both 20’ and 40’ containers.  All of our storage containers are water tight, have heavy duty steel side walls and roofs and locking bars on each door for a standard padlock to secure it. There is a three month minimum rental requirement


For top of the line storage at dock level, turn to Payne Storage. Our storage trailers offer secure, mobile watertight storage for your valuable assets. Roll or swing doors are available. There is a 3 month minimum rental requirement.

Business  – Retail / Commercial

Whether you’re renovating, waiting to build, suffering seasonal inventory overload or just need extra space for furnishings, fixtures, equipment, packaging, supplies or files, containers offer commercial strength solutions to your storage problems.  Our ground level units add space next to a building or entry door at your facility, and our storage trailers provide expanded warehouse space instantly through a dock door.


Homeowners find storage containers very useful whether it is extra space during a simple room renovation or a complete home remodel.  Our ground level units provide secure storage on-site.  Save the hassle of hauling everything off site.


Contractors use Payne Storage Containers on construction sites for a safe-secure space to lock up tools & supplies for their jobs.  Safety is one of the main concerns on jobsites, and our ground level products provide safety-minded solutions for storage without the need for adding stairs.  Security is crucial to the efficiency of jobs, and that is why all our units are contracted of heavy gauge steel, with heavy lockable latched doors.