How Does this Work?

Call or email us (with a good time for us to call you back).

One of our customer service advisers will walk you through the process to determine the best solution (size) for your needs, when it should be delivered, how long you might like to rent the container for and many other important questions.

There are no special site preparations required for delivery. The location must be accessible to our delivery truck and trailer, on solid, stable ground and not susceptible to flooding.  Our customer service adviser will work with you to locate your container or trailer where you would like in most instances.

The way the container is loaded on the trailer for delivery will determine how you access the doors.


The container will be delivered quickly and efficiently, to the space specified, by one of specially trained Payne employees.  Our management and delivery personnel work directly with the customer to ensure you are happy with your delivery.

We recommend someone be on site to receive the containers/trailers.  The driver and the responsible accepting party will walk around the container/trailer to inspect the condition, noting any issues.  The responsible party will be asked to sign acceptance before the driver leaves.  

Use the container

Place all of your belongings in your container/trailer and use it for as long as you need with the peace of mind that they are close by.

Pick Up

Once emptied,  a pick up call or email has been made to confirm your container/trailer is ready to return we will set a time to remove it.  It doesn’t how long you keep it, long or short term storage options are available!

Areas we can deliver to:  Fredericksburg, Virginia, Northern Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington), Charlottesville, Richmond Virginia, Washington D.C. and some locations in Maryland such as Baltimore, as well as some parts of the following: West Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  Please call us to find out what our current delivery area might be as we are always growing!