Leasing with Payne provides you with flexibility. Whether you need long or short term storage, we can help you with your needs.


Trailers are equipped with latches that can lock the handle(s) to help ensure your items stay secure.


Do you need to retain extra inventory but no place to keep it safe and secure? Do you have outside equipment that needs to be kept safe while you are not using it or on property?  Renting a storage container or trailer will offer a solution to your ‘need for extra space’.  You will be able to organize and store all of the clutter or excess items that need temporary homes.  It will take the stress off you and create a more friendly work environment.


On-site storage is one the easiest ways to store and have easy access to your files, inventory or whatever you opt to use the container for. It will always be a short walk rather than a long drive.

Some of our suggested uses would be for:

  • Anyone in the health care industry
  • Education fields
  • Religious Institutions
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Government Agencies
  • Retail, Convenience and Specialty Stores
  • Construction/ Home Builder sites
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants or any other business that plans to remodel
Payne Storage Trailers - Available for Rent - Currently Serving Norther Virginia
Payne Storage Trailers - Available for Rent - Currently Serving Northern Virginia